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Welcome to our website devoted to our adventures in Party Boat Fishing and our desire to provide our viewers a  go-to site for information on Party Boat fishing and saltwater fishing in general. We hope you enjoy our site and offer suggestions on share your experiences with us using our Contact page.  We look forward to hearing from you.  


Party Boat Fishing is one of the best ways to enjoy the thrill of catching “the big one” while avoiding the high cost of private charters, giving you the opportunity to do more fishing at far less cost…and you don’t even need to bring your own tackle or bait! Plus, you get to make new friends with like-minded folks who enjoy the being on the water. So, sit back, enjoy our website and enjoy checking out the many operators waiting to take you on your next (or first) party boat fishing adventure

If you are looking for some fun and adventure, then let’s…

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Go Party Boat Fishing Trips

Upcoming Fishing Trips

January – Cancun Mexico

There are no party boats in Cancun but fortunately you can get a 4 hour charter for about $350. I plan to be bottom fishing on the reef and maybe some wrecks. We have caught monsters in the past as well as nothing. Weather is the controlling factor and it can be hit and miss.
Fish caught in the past include Sailfish, grouper, snapper, blackfin tuna, yellow-tail, triggers, and various other reef fish.

February - Key West, FL

Plan to get some time on the Tortuga IV. I have not had much luck in the recent past with weather. Hopefully, we will get some favorable winds and hook into some yellow-tail and muttons. Can’t keep grouper yet!.

April – Florida Keys

This will be an actual fishing trip. I will hit the Miss Islamorada out of Bud and Mary’s that goes out from 9:30 -4:00. I good 6 ½ hours. It gives them a chance to get to places you cannot go on the regular 4 hour trip. I will stock up with live bait (probably shrimp and pins). We will see what happens.


The Commission approved draft dates for the 2020 Gulf red snapper season to be June 11- July 25 (45 days). The final season will be approved at the February 2020 Commission meeting. I will be planning to get down to Tarpo Springs Fl to go on the first 27 hour of the year on boart the Two Georges. This be my third trip on her and if the 3rd is anything like the first 2, I will not be disappointed!



Maryland Black Sea Bass opens 15 May

I hope to get a few weekends in over in Ocean City MD. Ther eis also chances to catch some nice Fluke. I spare time, you can always get some stripers for fun at the Oceanic pier.
Possible new activities

Yankee Capt – Stock Island FL

2, 3, or 4 day trips out of Key West. Whether you are a veteran offshore angler or a first timer to offshore fishing, the crew of the Yankee Capts has the expertise and, more importantly, the positive attitude to insure that your fishing trip will be the best trip possible. If you’re looking for a good time catching fish you will find it here!


Reward Fleet Specialty Trips - Miami

Longer trips, deeper water, and bigger fish.  I can’t wait to see their Specialty trip schedule for 2020

2019 Fishing Season

Only one word – Weather. Though both Ed and I has successful snapper outings, the rest of my trips were hampered by weather. I had two outings in Ocean City, one in Atlantic Beach, one in Wilmington NC and a September week in the keys. All were negatively impacted by wind. Not the year I was hoping for. I am sure there was plenty of good weather, just not the days I picked. Looking forward to 2020. Mexico in January, the Keys the end of February, and the Keys late April.


Still waiting for the Atlantic regulations to be published for 2020 along with guideline for Red Snapper Season!

Fall (2019) Shallow Water Grouper

Of course I picked the absolute worst weekend to try my luck at shallow water grouper. November 17th, I was in Clearwater.  I am not sure if I have ever been this cold in my life! The wind was howling that weekend, but it did slow down enough for us to get out on Sunday!  We went out of Clearwater Beach of the Queen Fleet “Gulf Queen”.

She was supposed to be full but I guess the weather scared people off. Fishing was not the greatest as the water was pretty dirty due to the winds. We were able to get a nice stringer of big white grunts and porgies. My son and I caught several small grouper before I hooked my one keeper on a pinfish. It was a nice gag that came in at about 30”. I got what I went out for.

Jeff with Grouper caught on the Gulf Queen

The Captain and mates were all nice and very helpful. I could have done with better weather but, weather has been an issue most of the season. – Jeff

Opening of Red Snapper Season

Headed down to Tarpon Springs on opening day of red snapper season to do the 27 hour trip on the Two Georges

We had great weather. I was accompanied by my son. We boarded the ship and headed to sleep as we knew we would be fishing all night! The captain did not disappoint. By the time we finished we had our limit of snapper, two nice gags, and a stringer full of other fish. By the time we had everything filleted, we went home with well over 30 lbs of fish. The captain and crew were great. Busy, but always there when we needed them. – Jeff

Annual Florida Keys Trip

For the past 13 of 14 Septembers Jeff and I have made Tranquility Bay Beachfront Resort our home base for a week to 10 days of bridge and party boat fishing in the Florida Keys.  From Islamorada to Key West, we have fished with many operators and have caught a wide variety of fish, catching our limit of Mangrove Snapper and others nearly every day.  The only challenge this year were recent storms and high winds up and down both coasts nearly every day.  Regardless, we were still able to catch all we could eat  that week and each took home over 10 pounds of fillets.

Salty Goat Delivers Again!

With high winds expected most of the week, our call to Salty Goat Charters Saturday on the way from the Key West airport to our resort, netted us two spots on their Sunday morning trip.  We have always been very pleased with the outstanding service and fishing experience with these folks and have caught a large number of fish with them.  Sunday’s trip did not disappoint, albeit this trip was not without its challenges.  

After the short early morning one hour drive from Marathon Key, we were a bit concerned when we arrived less than than 30 minutes before departure and no one was around except the mate and captain.  Normally, most party fishing boats do not go out without a minimum number of guests.  A few minutes later, a newlywed couple arrived.  Checking with the Captain, two others were expected to joined us, giving us the six-person minimum.   When they confirmed these two were not coming, rather than cancelling the trip, they decided to take the four of us out since we had driven down from Marathon and the couple were on there honeymoon.  5-Stars to Salty Goat for their customer-first focus!

Fishing was good, but not great in terms of numbers fish caught because of recent storm bringing an unfavorable combination of current and winds.  To give us the best trip possible, Capt. Dan took us to several spots inside and outside the reef to drop our lines.  As we moved from spot to spot, they put out trolling lines which provided each of us a couple of turns to try to land jacks, tuna, kings and others.  A great time was had by all.  If you have not fished with these folks, we highly recommend it – Ed.

Successful Bridge Fishing

With the high wind and rough seas expected the rest of the week, we turned to our second favorite fishing option, fishing from the bridges between the Keys.  Fortunately, there are may places along the Keys Highway where sections of the old bridges running parallel to the new ones have been made accessible for fishing.  Unlike party boat fishing you do need a current fishing license, but the good news is, there is no cost to fish other than providing your own bait and tackle and you can fish as long as you like!

Our favorite spot, the west end of the 7-Mile Bridge was very good to us this year.  We both limited on Mangrove Snapper, and also caught plenty of other good sized fish using live shrimp and frozen silver-sides. – Ed 

Galveston With My Grandsons

At the end of the Red Snapper season, you can count on the party boats out of Galveston, TX being full.  Booking early, will secure a spot, but you take your changes with short notice trips.  Such was the case, Saturday morning.  My youngest grandson, Jacob, and I wanted to go on an all-day Red Snapper fishing trip, but had to settle for in-shore bay fishing.  Galveston Party Boats was booked full when we arrived, but Williams Party Boats next door, had two spots left on the Texsun II, so we made it out with them.   

After a short 30 minute ride, we anchored in shallow water about 150 yards off the shore and dropped our lines.  It wasn’t long before the Sand Trout started hitting-not the best eating fish, but quite plentiful and fun to catch.  With no limit on Sand Trout or small sharks, everyone on board did very well on this short 4 hour trip.

That afternoon several other family members joined us for another 4-hour in-shore trip with Galveston Party Boats.  Like the morning trip, there were plenty of Sand Trout along with a few Drums and sharks caught.  The mates on both boats tried to keep up with the fish being caught, often stacking them up on their fingers as the walked by.  – Ed


Galveston Red Snapper Fishing

Tuesday was a much better day than the previous Saturday.  Cody, my oldest grandson, was able to take the day off from work and joined me on Galveston Party Boats’ New Buccaneer, for a 12 hour adventure off shore.  Our primary objective-2 large Red Snappers each.

The New Buccaneer is 85 ft. long by 33 ft. wide catamaran powered by four diesel engines with a whopping 86 spots for fishing!  The galley has great food at reasonable prices, the mates were terrific, and the Captain put us on several schools of good sized snapper. 

Unfortunately, all 86 slot were filled on our trip, and for a number of them, it was their first trip.  Not a great situation when you only have about 18″ of space between lines and a slight current. Even before the fish started hitting, lines were getting tangled, and when the fish started biting, it became quite a challenge even for the most patient anglers. 

Ever tried reeling in a 30+ inch fish next to someone who is frustrated that their line was tangled (again) and smoking a cigarette just inches from you, their smoke burning your eyes and choking you?  Definitely not a pleasant situation, but hey, we’re fishing and I did manage to land the big one in spite of everything!   

Both of us caught our limit of 2 Red Snapper.  In fact, everyone on the boat limited!  Plus, there were over 300 other fish caught during the trip.  Quite a memorable day, for sure! Next year, we plan to go again, but will likely opt for family sized charter.

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